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Welcome Songwriters

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Greetings from the Ace of Diamonds Studios staff. Our services are intended for the serious songwriter. We specialize in producing quality demos at affordable prices. See our studio pricing page for more information. We appreciate you stopping by for a visit and hope that you consider us for your next demo project.

Tracks recently produced at Ace of Diamonds Studios have been used on the Discovery, Velocity TV networks, NBC's "The Voice" and The Oxygen Network.

Our Mission

We want you to succeed...

Ace of Diamonds Studios is committed to providing the highest quality product for serious writers who want their songs to be represented with a professional sound. We strive to capture the essence of your lyric and melody and create a memorable listening experience.

We have some very satisfied customers and Ace of Diamonds Studios is ready to help you with your next project. Contact us today for details and be sure to check out our testimonial page to hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

Behind The Glass

Decades of experience...

Ace of Diamonds Studios is managed by Brad and his wife Dena Miller. Brad has worked as a road musician for people like Jean Shepard, Tommy Cash, Hank Thompson, Ray Pillow, Jack Green, David Huston, Connie Smith, Tiny Tim, Margo Smith and dozens of other Grand Ole Opry stars. His experience as a professional musician, songwriter, sound engineer, producer and studio operator stem from his life long journey in Country Music.

Ace of Diamonds Studios is very in tune with the writing process because Brad is a serious songwriter himself. He knows the importance of making your lyric stand out in the mix and works extra hard to give your song a memorable production by making the melody the focal point. Melody and lyric are everything in a song so Ace of Diamonds Studios doesn't produce mixes that get in the way of your lyric.